Heimssyn is Iceland’s “No to EU” movement. It’s members agree that Iceland’s interests are best served as an independent country outside the European Union.

Founded in 2002 as a cross-political organization, Heimssyn’s goal has remained the same: to keep Iceland outside the EU.

Only one party, out of five represented in Althingi, is unequivocally for applying for membership of EU. This party, The Social Democratic Alliance, polled only 29 percent of the popular vote in the general elections in April 2009. The coalition government subsequently formed by The Social Democratic Alliance and The Left-Green Movement was made possible only by The Left-Green Movemen abandoning its election platform of not seeking membership of EU. MP’s of the latter party have outspoken reservations to the government’s decision to apply for membership of EU.

Heimssyn’s major task in coming months is to mobilize opposition to the current government’s decision to apply for membership of EU with a resolution passed by a narrow majority in Althingi 16th of July 2009.

The government’s decision was in reckless disregard of public opinion. A series of polls carried out between August 2005 and November 2009 by various survey groups show the majority of Icelanders consistently oppose membership. The latest survey, by Bifrost University, showed 54% of the population opposed to join EU and 29% in favor.

Heimssyn believes that EU is a project most suited for continental Europe. Iceland position in the middle of North-Atlantic and here people’s history infers different world view than that of Europe. Sovereign government and good neighborly contacts to east and west of Iceland is what Heimssyn strives for on behalf of the Icelandic people.


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